Don't keep up with the Joneses'...
surpass them.

The Joneses' look like they have it all figured out but truth is, they don't.

They're probably living paycheck to paycheck and spending money they don't have just to keep up the impression.


This lifestyle is a one-way ticket to living life with no savings, no confidence, and no hope.


Our planning process helps ensure this doesn't happen to you.


We create clarity in your financial life, answer your questions, and help get you where you want to be without all the stress.

Financial Planning

Financial planning isn't just about investments.


It covers everything that comes up in your financial world.


From resolving student loan debt, to your investing strategy, to saving for your first home, to planning for vacations - we're here to solve your problems and get you where you want to be.

The PierProcess

Step 1: Get to Know Each Other

This is a 20 minute phone call that gives us a chance to go over your situation and see if our services make sense for you.

Two (2) meetings to allow us to get a clear understanding of your needs and to build & deliver your custom financial plan

Step 2: Initial Plan

Follow up meetings as necessary to implement strategies and answer questions as we get started.

Step 3: Hands On

Unlimited support from your personal financial planner to answer questions and provide on-going advice as situations change.

Step 4: On-going support

Each month we send a newsletter along with any action items and review items with the option to set up a call to go over anything.

Step 5: Monthly Reviews

Areas we cover

Establishing where your money should be going every month is vital to financial wellness.  Our process helps you stick with the plan and achieve your desired goals

Cash Flow

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Whether it be student loan debt, credit card debt, or your mortgage - we analyze your current situation and determine how to move forward

Debt Management


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Setting goals without knowing what's possible can be tough. We work with you to help identify and clarify your financial and life goals.

Goal Planning

Tax Planning

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A financial plan without tax planning is like pizza without cheese - it's probably still good, but it feels like something's missing

Risk Management

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We work with you to ensure you're covered with correct insurance and an estate plan -  will provide recommendations to providers and attorneys if needed

We determine the best strategies to achieve your retirement goals and test if current investments are on track

Retirement Planning

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Investment Management
No commissions. No sales. No minimums.

Investment and portfolio management starts at .8% of managed assets and decreases as assets increase

No fee for PierGrow clients

Goal-based investing

We work with you to understand your goals and build our investment strategy to align with them

Diversification & Asset Allocation

Helping balance the risk vs. reward of different investment options when building your investment strategy

Custom portfolios

Custom-built, low cost portfolios to align with your risk tolerance and goals.

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For those who already have established investment accounts, our planning process includes an analysis of those portfolios (if desired)

Let's work together.