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Piertree was designed to help our generation and we do our best work for Millennial and Gen Z young professionals.

(Note: These are hypothetical scenarios and do not involve any Piertree clients)

Typical clients

Creators & Entrepreneurs
Young Families
Tech Professionals

Case client: Shiloh

Age: 28

Occupation: Creator

The Initial Approach

Shiloh is a full-time creator who makes a majority of her income from membership subscriptions, ad revenue, and products she's created.  As a creative, she doesn't want to spend the time she could be using to create more and make more money, to learn about all the ins and outs of personal and business finances. 

She wants to work with a financial planner to get investment and retirement accounts set up so she can begin investing to make work optional in the future. She also recognizes the importance of tax and cash flow planning for both her business and her personal finances. 

We understand the complexity of managing personal and business finances. Not all decisions are black and white. Sometimes it makes sense to invest more into the business than into a retirement account and we help weigh the pros and cons of these important decisions and ultimately, ensure they align with where you want to go.

At Piertree, she can work with a financial planner that provides on-going advice and help with decision-making as well as tax and cash flow planning. 

Case client: Nick

Age: 31

Occupation: Freelance writer

The Initial Approach

Nick's built a career out of freelance writing. He makes a majority of his income from freelance clients and writing courses he's created. Now, he's debating on whether he should continue the growth of the freelance business by hiring an additional writer but doesn't know if he can afford it.

He also wants to get started with investing for retirement but with being self-employed, he isn't sure what kind of accounts are available or how much he can afford to invest while still taking care of himself and the business.


He's felt overwhelmed trying to make estimated quarterly tax payments and doesn't want to spend more time managing the business finances than he has to. Also with having variable income, he's frustrated that he can't establish a consistent saving habit.

These are all problems many freelancers face and with our experience of running a business, we understand how difficult some of these tasks can be. Our comprehensive financial planning process is designed to address all of these situations and more. With our transparent fee-only pricing, Nick's able to get all of his needs met without worrying about being sold products he doesn't need.



Case clients: Erica & Chris

Age: 30

Occupations: Sales professional & UX Designer

The Initial Approach

Erica and Chris are young professionals with high potential income and they want to begin building wealth to make work optional in the future. They understand the importance of getting started early but aren't sure the best approaches to take. 

They're hoping to start a family soon and want to make sure they're managing their income correctly so they can save for their children's education as well as their own financial goals.

They want to work with a financial planner who covers more than just investments. While getting started with investing for retirement is important, their priorities are minimizing taxes and saving for future travel and life goals, such as buying a home. 

At Piertree, they can work with a fee-only financial planner who is legally required to act in their best interest and provides comprehensive financial planning, not just investment management.


Case client: Hannah

Age: 30

Occupation: Software engineer

The Initial Approach

Hannah has thrived in the tech industry and finds herself with a high income and relatively low expenses. She knows there are better uses for her extra cash than sitting in a bank account, but isn't sure where to get started.


She's receiving equity compensation and is wondering how to best manage the complexity that comes with stock options and RSUs.

She wants to understand where her money is going and what needs to be done to accomplish her financial goals. She's tried finding a financial advisor to work with but has been repeatedly turned down for "not having enough assets".

At Piertree, we don't require minimums and our flat-fee pricing model allows her to have an on-going relationship with a financial planner without breaking the bank.

Let's see if we're the right fit.