Best of 2020 | Year in Review

We’ve finally made it to the last week of 2020. I swear there’s been more than 52 weeks this year.

With 2021 in sight, I wanted to take the time to recap everything that’s happened this year and highlight some of my top posts from this year in case you missed any along the way. I also want to give a big thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to consume any of my content this year - I appreciate you.

Enjoy 🥳

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2020

1️⃣ 4 Reasons to Work With a Virtual Financial Planner

“A client-advisor relationship is built on trust and while it’s difficult to replace face-to-face meetings, the benefits of working with an advisor virtually far outweigh the negatives. You’re not limited to working with the few advisors in your area and can work with the best advisor for your situation, no matter where they are.

If you haven’t met with an advisor before, you may be surprised at how easy working with a virtual advisor really is.”

2️⃣ What Is Financial Minimalism?

Financial minimalism is a great way to simplify your money and allows you to spend more on things that bring you happiness.

You may have to cut back on things that you thought were bringing value and joy to your life, but ultimately you’ll gain peace of mind and clarity with your finances by focusing your money in areas that bring you closer to your goals.

3️⃣ Why There’s Nothing Wrong With The 9-5 Life

If you’re a millennial, you might have a negative view towards the typical “9-5” life. You want that time and work freedom. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. But there’s also some benefits of a 9-5 that your favorite YouTuber or influencer probably won’t mention.

A 9-5 has more advantages than you may think if you believe the grass is always greener on the other side. You hear about being an entrepreneur and see the videos of other people living these amazing lives, but unfortunately that’s not what it always looks like.

4️⃣ 3 Signs You Need a Financial Planner

Keeping up with your personal finances takes time. There’s no way around it. If you’re a young professional or have a family, your free time is probably very valuable to you and it could be spent better ways than trying to learn about your finances and then actually executing the correct strategies.

5️⃣ What Does a Financial Planner Do?

Sometimes it's easy to manage your personal finances yourself, but sometimes life gets in the way and things can start to get more complex.

Working with a financial planner means that you have a dedicated professional to help answer questions and give you the advice you need to reach your life goals.

The 2020 Timeline

June 12th After two years of planning and preparation, I left my corporate 9-5 job to take the leap into entrepreneurship 😬

July 29th Piertree Planning was born 🎈

August 13th First YouTube video was published 📽

October 13th First feature in a major publication (ThinkAdvisor) 📝

November 3rd 25th Birthday 🎉

November 10th Interviewed by Young Not Broke to share my money story 💸

December 3rd Began a new design project - The Visual Advisor 🖍

December 14th Featured in MarketWatch breaking down the AirBnb IPO 🏡

December 16th Featured in InvestmentNews 📈 Launched the Planet Piertree Podcast 🎙

December 25th Reached 500 YouTube views 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

2020 will go down in history as one of the wildest years ever and for me, it was a year full of self-discovery, anxiety, growth, doubt.. and I don’t think there was a better time to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Being a solo entrepreneur is a mentally tough and draining experience but remembering the “why” behind what you’re doing has proven to be very helpful throughout the journey.

Only 6 months into the journey and I’ve made amazing connections with people I would’ve never met before and I’ve slowly started to build a self-sustaining business.

I’ve never been more scared and excited at the same time and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2021.

Thank you for reading and I hope 2021 is your best year yet 🎈

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